Saturday, March 28, 2009

Youth must eradicate corruption , But How ?

Hello readers. You could just post your comments how to eradicate corruption from india.

Youth must eradicate corruption - ABDUL KALAM

When will india become another USA ? If we have politicians like this, then they just fight among themselves and till the end the people dont get any single bit of goodness.

When everyone of you saw the hit movie RANG DE BASANTI then we all would have thought so much about our country. Some of you even might have shed their tears just like me. But should we stop with just tears? Or start trying for anything? But what can we do infact?

We can just vote during the polls. Thats the only right we have in india. Once they are back into power then they really show their true faces. And they are beyond our reach.

May be we should have all the respective ministers to come on LIVE in TV and address the nation problems. It should be open and any common man should address his problem. Now you may think i am talking something like the MUDALVAN movie with ARJUN in tamil and NAYAK in hindi with ANIL KAPOOR. Yeah. Politicians should be under the control of the people. Not the reverse.

Second problem i want to address here is the problem with the police officials. When the policemen are really the best and good , honest then there wont be too much problems. This is real 100% true. Wont you agree? We all know how much corrupt officials are there inside the police department. I am not here to say all are bad. But most of them are bad.

So there must be a real change into Public service, especially POLICE and COURTS.

Now you may think why court ? Yeah, if police are bad then atleast the court should protect the innocent. But you please tell me is it possible ? Noway.

So there should be group of jury and not just one judge. Just like the english movies. How much does it really take to solve an issue in court with group of jury ? I am not saying that this will speed up the case but there will be some honesty atleast from one person if not from another one.

So we need three things. POLICIANS, POLICE, COURT. All should be under the law. And the innocents should not be punished. Public should be above everyone. Not the politicians, not the police, not the lawyers and judges.

Finally, women should have full security in india. This is the final and the most important condition for our country to really improve internationally.

All women really dream about their own true real security not just during the day but even at night, all 24 hours which i really wish for.

Only after all these above conditions, INDIA WILL BECOME ANOTHER USA.

Please comment your thoughts. Help everyone how we can actually improve our country in a more powerful way.


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