Friday, April 3, 2009

Oscar won A.r Rahman Copied a western background score

I am not against A.R. Rahman. He is really a nice person and his music were really great. And one of his music recently caught the oscars in his basket too.

But i am here to say that almost most of the music directors copy either a full tune or just a bit of background score someday or the other.

Just wanted to show that some music directors in india are copying western music atleast once in their life. And Rahman isnt an exception.

Here is the copied background score from Enigma- Sadness which he used in his early stage of his career Kadal Desam - Ennai Kanavillaiye netrodu.

Check out yourself or may be you know this long back.

Just a request to all music directors. Please be original and do not join Deva and Dhina music director copycats.

You all got your own talents. So why to copy?

Also visit my website BE ORIGINAL for more copied Indian songs from western.

If you find any other copy collections then please post here.


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