Monday, April 6, 2009

Vodafone Uk Versus Vodafone India

I dont know how many of you have taken interest in analyzing these facts. But still let me show you if you are unaware of it.

The below pasted text is from Vodafone Uk website.
" From 1 November, for as little as GBP 5 a month, Vodafone UK customers will be able to make unlimited calls to each other with the new Vodafone Family tariff. Offering great value, Vodafone Family will enable groups of either four or six people, to get free calls between one another at anytime - providing they are all Vodafone customers.

For GBP 5 a month, a customer will get free calls at anytime to three chosen people, whether they are a contract or pay as you talk customer. By nominating friends and family who use the Vodafone network to be part of the calling group means that all conversations between the members are free, for up to an hour per call. For families, this new initiative should give parents greater peace of mind, as they will be always be able to call their children, even if they have run out of credit.

Those that want to be part of a bigger free calling circle can create a group to include themselves and five other people for just GBP 7, meaning that six members of the group will then get free calls to one another.

Customers who join Vodafone Family can belong to three groups of family and friends at any one time, meaning free calls with up to fifteen people. Vodafone Family can simply be added on to any existing price plan from just GBP 5 a month, ensuring that customers won't have to change their tariff and can start making free calls straight away.

Vodafone Family follows other recent value initiatives for Vodafone customers including free weekends where prepay customers who spend GBP 5.00 during the week get free calls to any UK network and texts all weekend.

Also check out this.
"Get closer to the people you love. Vodafone Family gives you unlimited calls between 4 people. Only one of you has to pay – it’s just £5 a month. And you can call each other whenever you want, day or night, and chat for up to an hour at a time.

Keep it in the family or bring your best friends together. It’s up to you who’s part of your Vodafone Family group. You can even mix and match Pay as you talk and Pay monthly people – as long as you’re all with Vodafone.

Want a bigger group? You can get unlimited calls between 6 people for just £7 a month. You can also change who’s in your group anytime you like. Do it online or over the phone – either way, it won’t cost a penny. "

But in india we dont have any unlimited calling between family and friends and we are still charged 20p every minute.

May be they payed too much taxes and other charges to do business in india and so they want to earn more ?

Please give your valuable comments. Why vodafone has different rules in different countries. Ok you can even match the vodafone Andhra pradesh plans with Vodafone chennai plans. It wont be the same. But why is this partiality anyway ?

Link for the Vodafone uk article

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