Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last wish

YOU WAKE up this fine morning to lead the same monotonous life, getting up, then grabbing something to eat and then leaving for your school, college or work stations. But there can come a change in your life on a particular day which might bring a complete change to your monotonous life. You are told that it is your last day on this planet earth and the world is going to come to an end the very next day!
If such a situation takes place in your life then what is going to be your very last wish? I asked this question to people I know and the answers were really simple things that they would like to do on there last day. Like some wanted to be there with their entire families, some wanted to talk to their old friends, some had the simple wish of being together with their old parents. No one had any big wishes even on there last day.

No one said that they wanted to be at a five star hotel and have there last meal in luxury. Neither did anyone say that they wanted to be at Disneyland with there friends on the last day. Everyone had the simplest of wishes, the wish to be there around the people they love and care for and to spend the last day of there life in peace. In stating the wishes, lies the simple yet profound thought that why do we need a special day to fulfill such simple wishes in life? Can’t we fulfill such simple desires in our everyday life? Can’t people find some hours in there busy schedule to spend with their families and friends?

The answer to these questions cannot be answered by anyone but by ourselves. The last wish I would want to be fulfilled if such a situation arises is that "the world does not come to an end" and promise myself that I would try my best to fulfill my small wishes on a regular basis in my day to day life so that I will not have to wait for a last day to fulfill my simple desires.


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