Thursday, April 29, 2010

New world New innovation New advancements - Expected Part2

Unattended / Automated Operating system installation Possible in the future.
So we can just reinstall in leisure time watching football match.

When you want to install Windows Operating system you will have to spend atleast 20 min to 50 min depending on the hardware configuration.

To avoid this, Windows may automate everything according to your preference. How ?

When you want to install Windows Operating system, you will boot the OS - CD from the Bios.
After it starts running from the CD it may ask you the drive partition space allocation specifications for Windows, Formatting options, Time and date , key and so on in just First page. Once if you give in the requirements, it will start running and may not need user interaction.

Already there are open source scripts in the beta stage for this but soon Windows may include this option in their new CD's. [ Fast deployment and Unattended are 2 open source scripts on beta stage]

How is it? Nice? Wait for more ideas on technology.

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