Thursday, April 29, 2010

New world New innovation New advancements - Expected Part4

Whole world is now trying to save energy. Its time now to act. Ways to improve INDIA and the world.

Idea1: All buildings must be painted with Sun reflective coating which reflects or deflects the UV back and thus saving the building from heating too much.

This inturn will save the Air conditioner bills.

Idea2: People must realize the importance of water. Ofcourse some wont. So we must have a law to install the Water level controllers in the water tank mandatory just like the rainwater harvesting system ( Rainwater harvesting introduced in Tamilnadu during Ms. Jayalalitha's Ruling ). You may think this is silly but we are loosing so much groundwater in the overflowing water tank.

Idea3:  Farmers must be encouraged. At the present situation who wants to go and do farming ? If this condition prevails then we will have food scarcity soon. To avoid such situation, farmers must be encouraged to come and sell their goods directly instead of selling it to the middle men. When the middle man is happy sitting and earning profits, the hard working farmer is only given less or no profit.

Idea4:  Why are the road contracts given after bidding and contracts when the govt can itself take the control using govt employees ? There is a lot of money laundery happening in this contract process. To avoid this, our govt can have a seperate department who can lay roads and maintain roads. So we dont have to blame the contractors who laid the nasty roads and ask them to patch up after the rain. Isnt? This way we can give direct govt employment to many people also.

Have your own ideas? Share it.

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