Monday, April 12, 2010

Save water - Save earth - Save world

Save water - Save nature - Save world

Everyone knows India is struggling to have a proper underground water bed. Some states like Tamilnadu even took measures to save rain water when our honorable Cheif minister Ms. Jayalalitha was ruling the state.

I really appreciate her work so much in this notion towards saving water. But such movements were gone deep into govt lockers and there was no such movement to save our present water.

Ok so what am i talking about?

When everyone is thinking about rain water, i am more concerned about the groundwater.

Not only me, but everyone must have watched a common scene of overflowing water tank.

Its high time to enforce a law to install water level indicators in the water tank of each and every building in our country.

I can see my neighbours are always careless and i can see the overflowing tank everyday for hours. We have asked them , requested them but nothing changed.

Each and everyone must have the responsibility to save the water bed levels.

Overflowing water not just emptying the water but also wasting the electricity. When india is striving hard for electricity, its high time to enforce a law for water level indicators and automatic water pump cut-off system.

Is india listening? Or maybe the world is listening ?? Maybe not. :(

If you have landed here then please post your comments regarding this issue.

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