Monday, May 17, 2010

How to remove Nimbuzz account permanently ?

Remove your nimbuzz account permanently Or Permanently delete nimbuzz account
Nimbuzz is not the safe way to chat with our friends. Already many times people have already complained that someone hacked their google account through Nimbuzz.

In this case if you want to remove the Nimbuzz account permanently then just follow this link and give your username and password in their website to completely remove Nimbuzz safely.

If you want to remove your Nimbuzz Account please note beforehand that by doing that:
•    Your username will become available for other
•    Your friends will not be able to reach you on Nimbuzz anymore
•    You will not be able to be buzzed by your friends and buddies
•    You will not receive our Newsletter

If you agree with that, please follow the instructions on and you will be able to remove the account by yourself.

This is the link which the nimbuzz support sent me to remove my account. I am sharing it here as you dont need to wait for their reply.

Just go to the link and delete your account permanently. Stay safe from hackers. Lets trust only Gmail website for Gmail. No more third parties.