Monday, May 3, 2010

UFO's are real - Damn Real - Part 7

Bright light was UFO says East Texan

A Nacogdoches man gazed into Sunday night's sky, and was transfixed by mysterious bright shapes. He says he saw a UFO. "It was just sitting up there, just bouncing up and down, bouncing up and down, moving back and fourth," said Albert Davis.
He was driving home from work with his family when bright, flickering lights caught his eye. "We knew it wasn't from here on Earth because...we've seen jets flying around and I don't think [it was] jets," said Davis. "We knew jets couldn't make the moves it was making."
Davis says the UFO hovered above his apartment for two hours. Then, he spotted more. "And, one was over there and one was in the back out there - pretty good distance out in the back," he said. "It was just following us."
Davis believes what he saw was a flying saucer. He says he has never seen anything like it light up the night sky before. "[It] changed colors, threw something out of it, made a circle, it just made a circle and it shot back down toward the east way [and] disappeared," said Davis.
Astronomer Norman Markworth studies the East Texas sky. He says there is a logical explanation for this sighting. "There's a well-known psychological phenomena that if you look at something bright against a blank background it might appear to move on you," explained Markworth. "So, I feel certain that what we have here is a sighting of Venus."
Despite what anyone thinks, Davis says he knows exactly what he saw and will never forget. "Now, I'll probably look into space every night wondering if it's going to return or what's going to happen next," he said.
Davis says he is a little nervous after his UFO sighting and has had trouble sleeping.

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