Wednesday, March 11, 2009

News2: Koodu vittu koodu - Bringing life to a dying person - Tamil Nadu

I am from chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.
Near Vellore, Tirupattur interior there is a village called GUMMIKKUPPAM.

Here some people will do some strange POOJA at night 12 o clock at the end of the village with the Toys, treating these toys as DEVILS.

They are giving life of the hen, goat, etc to give life to these devils. And these devils are used to search any soul roaming at nights. They will then catch that roaming soul and give life to another person who is dying.

Dont believe it ? Even at first i didnt. But people who have seen all these activities are those villages. They said they wont sleep that whole night when these men start the POOJA. They said even they spread a line of charcoal powder around their houses so that these DEVILS cant catch their souls.

You may think then why is the police in that area not helping these villagers? Seriously these people have complained when some of these pooja takes place and the police spoiled it many times. But people cant do this all the times.

Still most of these people are Sleepless all these nights.

As shown in the News , Some people witnessed these incidents and activities said: Those Devil Toys will get alive after some of the pooja is over. Then they all circle around this guy doing the pooja until he asks the devils to stop. These devils are so powerful they know what is happening in each and every one of our houses, who is sleeping, who is eating, everything for about 5 kms. The pooja seems to be from 12 AM to 4 AM until they get the soul roaming outside. Lot of times people have seen their cattle is dead the next day. Sometimes their relatives too.

When the doctors were not able to give life to a person, this Pooja and that guy doing the pooja can get life. But this guy takes the soul from something and replace into this dying person.

Odd isnt?? Its all real in Tamil Nadu - INDIA.
If you dont believe then contact SUN TV NEWS channel for more details. Because i am only the viewer.

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