Thursday, March 26, 2009


Detailed explanation of PROS AND CONS OF TATA NANO car

As you all know the pros of tata nano are:

2. JOBS - The Tata group chief has said the car will be manufactured in three to four locations, including West Bengal and Uttarakhand states. A plant in Singur, in eastern West Bengal state, is expected to employ 10,000 people.
4. CHEAP Base model: Which is 1.3 lac without AC and without other important things for a car. So its just better than a scooter.
5. Environment friendly. BS III, BS IV emissions. So better for the environment also.
6. After this nano bookings going to start, all the other second hand cars rates gone too low. So thats really a good news. Isnt ? You could buy another car in the second hand with so much better features. Yeah thats a good idea :)

Now comes the cons of the car. You should read this and know why you should not select this car.
1. No safety: Why no safety ? Tata already said this car passed all safety norms required in india. Yeah. Indian roads dont need any safety becas anyway accident will surely happen. And nobody cares. This car doesnt have ABS and AntiRoll bars, Air Bags. Dont you think that you really need this ? It doesnt even have a rear seat belt. And you call this safe car ? This car cannot be exported to european countries. This is becas they need more safety. So people there in other countries want safety and we indians dont need any safety ? What non-sense. Many people in europe still believe that this car not undergone any crash test. Tell me something truly what you mean by safety if the car is not tested for Crash ? Still tata's say they did test this car for crash. If they tested then why they are not ready to export immediately? Its just becas they still didnt finish their complete tests. Oh so when they will finish and how they will test. Oh come on. You are going to buy and tatas will sit and see whther your car crashed fully or not when you get into an accident.

2. Placement of petrol tank: Oh yeah you are sitting above a petrol tank. Thats right. Petrol tank is under your front seats. And most importantly just imagine the capacity. Its just 15 litres. With just 15 litres you cant take this car to any long distance. Not even to your native place. Just imagine if there is no petrol pump when you are running empty?

3. Seats: Almost everyone who reviewed this car felt that the seats are broad enough in the rear but the comfort is not so good as the seats are so cheap. So whats the result of this? Old people will get back ache. But its good if you want to drive with just one on ur side. Yeah Front seats are good. YOu can stretch your legs well even if you are SIX feet tall. But what about 4 members? Thats difficult if you plan for a long drive.

4. AirConditioner. Tata Proudly announced on the NANO launch event that this car has AC in the High end model. Applauses could be heard. But whats the use of AC if its not effective for the rear passengers? Yes AC is giving cooling only in the front and its not so powerful to cool the rear side. Then whats the use of AC guys ?

5. Engine: You all know the engine is less powerful. Its just 623cc engine. But even that engine is placed on the rear and its closed. Closed??? Yeah closed with the screws. You should not see it. Try searching :) What a mess. If you want to check out any problems , you just cant open the bannot. Becas there is no easy opening. You need to open all the screws. Its just 4 door car. Remember. So back side is closed with screws.

6. COST: You all think that this car is cheap for its quality ? Oh yeah all thinks like that. But thats not true. 1.3 lac base model doesnt have any good feature that we all expect. So lets take the high end. And its 1.8 lac. But even in the high end version you dont get whatever you expect. Where is the power steering?
So you could better stretch your budget a little and go for another branded cars.

7. Hill Driving: Many of your native might be in a hill. And if you want to take all your family then think again. Becas this car will really struggle to go up the hills. Its only useful for the city driving and short trips.

8. Personal Status: We all know how others treat someone who comes in a cheap car. Eg: Maruti 800. Everyone thinks "Ewww, they are still driving these cars". And imagine if you go and get down somewhere in a mall or a hotel. Will you really get your real status ? Think again. Not only that, even on roads , all the other car owners will really illtreat you. If you dont believe me then you will know when you drive one. Many say that this car looks like a Auto Rickshaw and heard that auto drivers are going to switch to this car.

Conclusion: Forget this car. Dream big and better than this 4 wheel Rickshaw remix.


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  2. what u told is right .I do not know why Radha told like that.

  3. I think this car is a way to bring down jobs in other industries. Create more pollution and Don't forget how much traffic it will create...