Saturday, December 12, 2009

Per Second Billing Vodafone is stupid

If you have activated per second billing using 24rs ( Chennai )
then you cannot use other plans to cut the call charges.

Let me explain all you guys what happened.

Recently i have changed to per second billing. So i recharged with 24rs. But i dnt want to pay 60 paise after 1 minute, so i checked for and found this bonus card 244rs which is 10 paise per minute for 90 days.

OK i recharged this 244 and i was happily waiting to enjoy 10p per minute.

Shockingly i got 230 rs balance. I called the customer care and they said, if you recharge for 24rs per second billing then you cannot have any other bonus card to reduce call charges.

This is really stupid and cheating. They didnt mention this in the website.

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