Friday, April 23, 2010

Complan VS Horlicks dirty game - India

Sometime back my friend asked me to just check Horlicks UK website and it was really shocking to see Horlicks is not a drink to grow tall. Instead its a drink to sleep well.

If you dont believe me then check it yourself here.

If you ask them then they may tell you they both are really different products. Well sometimes we feel they are right cos they know how to tackle the market. They may be even prepared with readymade answers. Forget it.

But in UK there is a team or group which restricts the product biasing. Like for instance: If the Horlicks shows ad about growing taller then they have to prove it. And its really not so easy. But in india its very simple as there is nobody to ask questions.

Recently i read in the hindu newspaper that some court ordered such products should not misguide the consumers and such advertisements should not be telecasted.

And did they change after such order ?? Well its a big NO.

When there are people to believe and buy these products, these companies really dont bother any court rules too.

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