Friday, April 23, 2010

TV Ads Controller Norms - Rules for each Channel - India

TV Ads Controller Norms - Rules for each Channel - India

Sun TV vs Discovery vs Star World 

In my home, my parents used to watch the chain of serials / soaps everyday between 7:30 to 10:30. I am sure this is a routine in most of the indian homes.

Ok now lets compare 2 channels policies, qualities and features.

What happens if i take Star World, Discovery on one side and Sun TV on the other ? That will make a really interesting debate.

Comparison of Star world and Sun TV:
1. Quality wise they both are good (Atleast thats how they boast )
2. Serials / Soaps in Star world can noway match Sun TV. But why ?
Many reasons:
1. Usually a show in tv should be either EDUCATIONAL ( Must teach good qualities to a person who is watching it ) But SunTV is teaching any good qualities ?? Noway. All the serials will only show how to be cunning, cruel and how to hurt others.

May be Sun Tv knows the secret of the indians. Its very simple. They are very sentimental. When someone cries then we will just sit and watch.

2. Everyone will agree that the Ad duration is more than the show duration. They just take so many advertisers into one popular serial and the consumer has to sit and watch all the ads for 15 min :10 Min show ratio.

I really felt why there is no regulatory system in india to control the Tv channels.

Why am i so complaining now ?
We indians always get the qualities from the surrounding environment. In such situation the kids must learn better qualities.

Every serial must end in a day. The next day there should be a different title and different topic to discuss. Just like star world.

For every tv serial there should be only limited advertisements. 3 to 4 ads after 10 min show is nominal.

When this happens in india then i wont be alive. Cos it will take my lifetime for these Channels to change their policies to people friendly.

So who won the competition between Star World Vs Discovery Vs sun tv ?

Obviously Star world and Discovery are far better than Sun TV.

SunTV owners must try to learn more to reach greater heights.

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