Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ford Figo Master Review


Biggest B-Segment car in india - Big car feel but runs out of breath on the highway

Big car feel and very stable at high speeds. A good drivers car. Light steering.

One of the best in class - Good at both low and high speeds. Superb Driveability.

68 Bhp. Midrange performance. Strain at around 5000rpm and labours to its 6600rpm redline.

Ford claimed 0-100kph in 15.5 seconds for petrol and 15.8 seconds in diesel model.

Longer than swift. Longer wheelbase than ford fusion. Rear space is not great.

Seats are good. Good legroom under the front seats.

Sporty new Dashboard colors and red stitching are good but wont attract everyone. But Faux aluminum trim looks good.

Not announced yet. May be around 4 lakh.

2 years and lots of promise.

Available in 1.4 Duratorq diesel - Bharat IV compliant and 1.2 litre Duratec Petrol version( scaled down version of fiesta engine )

Verdict: Very Good for city drive. Will surely attract youths.

Source: the hindu review


  1. Ford Figo is good overall, excpet for the below mentioned factors:

    AC Compressor right behind the front grill - very prone to damage even in a minor bump

    Sluggish pickup in 1st & 2nd Gear - alomost to the point of engine stalling, very frightening in Indian Cirty Driving & Traffic conditions

    Shifting Gears is not so smooth

    Low mileage on Highway - only 12 Kms approximately

    Low Road Clerance for driving over Bangalore Road Humps - scrapes the Hump very easily if not taken over the hump very very carefully at dead slow speeds

    Headlight - not so bright as required

    Windscreen reflects the Dash Board that superimposes the image of the Vehicles in front causing co-ordination and distance confusion when maneuvering traffic

    I have personally taken up the issue with Ford and the Dealer directly, and they have assure dme to look into the matter and "try" to "rectify" the issue after due testing - hoping they do, if not I have to opt for a change in Car again

    Thank you & Regards,
    Sudhakar G k

  2. Thanks sudhakar for your valuable comments. Should i add your list of points to the CONS section of this car?