Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nissan and Ashok Leyland plans for low cost car - A join mission

A low cost car from japanese company Nissan is always welcome in INDIA.
--GoodLuck Nissan

Japanese carmaker Nissan said it is in talks with Hinduja flagship company Ashok Leyland for developing a small car for the global market that could be priced around USD 4500-5000.

Dodge also indicated that the $5000 car may be developed with Indian partner Ashok Leyland. “Our relationship with Ashok Leyland is growing and we believe there is an opportunity to develop an entry-price vehicle with them,” he confirmed.

Nissan feels that India with its unique low-cost base and frugal engineering skills is well placed to develop such a car. “In Europe or Japan, engineers can no longer go back to basics and they have lost the ability to engineer products that meet the low end of the market. Indian engineers challenge everything from a cost point of view,” Dodge said.

Source: The hindu. and Hindu

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