Sunday, April 11, 2010

MRT SUMMER COOL PAINT - Real or Fake ? Review Results

MRT SUMMER COOL PAINT - Real or Fake ? Review Results

Well. Tested the product. Well it really showed positive effects on cooling.

Ok here it goes with their process.

They got 3 items in their bag.
1. A white powder ( Main base )
2. Hardener liquid
3. Protection Powder

They mixed the main base and the hardener liquid in water and painted using the normal large painting brush ( not roller )

They finished this in the morning.

Afternoon they said they wont usually work in the noon. So they came back again in the evening to apply the protective coating.

I had a look at their products and i didnt feel great cos they just looked average or below average packing. 

But the final result is good. 

Now sure about its long lasting power. They said it will last for 3 years. 

Verdict: You can go for MRT SUMMER COOL PAINT if you have enough money. When we can buy AC and pay the bills then why cant we use this paint to cool the building. This way we can save electricity too. 

Give it a try and post your comments here.

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