Friday, April 9, 2010

Unconsolable Death of 74 CRPF men - What are we doing ?

Unconsolable Death of 74 CRPF men - What are we doing ?

Everyday there will be news about army men fighting pakistani terrorists in kashmir. Now the news changed. There are so many men fighting with the Maoists.

What is happening to our politicians ? Why an indian kills another indian ? I keep Questioning myself.

I thought India always wants to go peacefully with the external countries and why not inside our home?

Is this project really necessary ? If someone takes weapon then it may not just be one reason. There are many problems surrounding them and our politicians didnt give any ears to them. And finally they took the hard way to justify their act.

I would really like our honorable home minister Mr. Chidambaram to rethink this project of internal fighting and solve their problems through peace talks.

Paying homage to the martyrs and paying 20 lakh to 35 lakh to their family is not the way to solve this internal war.

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