Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Do not be an Ebay seller for some stranger

To all job seekers trying to find a job online in London or UK in websites like gumtree or craigslist or similar. Here is the warning !!!.

Today I got an email asking me to be an ebay seller or lister. Everything sounds nice and infact I was very skeptical.

Ok here is my email I received.

Thanks for getting back to us. We need someone who can post our items online on eBay. We will cover the eBay listing fees and give you 5% from the selling price. More listings, more money.
You will need a computer, internet connection, ebay account and a veryfied paypal account. Or you can list from your phone (if you have iphone, samsung or a phone with android)
Do you have an eBay seller account?
What we want to sell is a multitude of different types (laptops, cameras, lens, computers etc..). We do not have an eBay seller account or paypal account and we do not have time to manage one because we deal with the buying and delivery of the items. We want to pay someone to do this for us, because we need a serious person with positive feedback to list the items we have for sale.(this is our business, we buy items and then sell them to make profit) .
We will deliver the items to the buyers. Your job will be to list the items and let us know after the item is sold.
All you need to do is to list them up, We will give you every item details (title, description, price, photos etc..).
You can work from you home, office and any time you can 1-2 hours/day.
You have to tell me when someone will send you a question about the item. I will give you the answer for them.

Thank you for your time!

Please let me know your decision.

Many thanks

Ok whats next? Well as always I was doing a little bit research online. And I found this.

Mum loses £1700 in eBay ad job scam

MUM-of-three Valerie Randal planned to earn extra cash by getting a part-time job.
She saw an advert for an "eBay lister" on the JobCentre website, which seemed ideal as she could work from home.
But Valerie, 38, called me in - £1700 in debt - after she was stung in an online scam.
She said: "The whole thing's a con and I'm being held liable."
Valerie, of Clynder, near Helensburgh, applied for the job with online firm Gadgetz And Gizmoz in November.
She said: "I was told I could make £100-£150 a week listing stuff on eBay. They interviewed me by phone and I got the job."
Valerie started to sell goods such as electronic equipment on eBay under her own user name. She said: "I transferred the funds to their account."
Gadgetz And Gizmoz, based in Surrey, were responsible for sending goods to customers.
But Valerie said: "People complained they had bought stuff but it hadn't turned up.
"I tried the phone number for the firm but it was dead and the website disappeared a day after I transferred the money.
"PayPal refunded customers as transactions were insured but I got a shock when they wanted me to pay them £1700."
Valerie contacted Barclays Bank where she sent the money buttheycouldn'thelp.The police told her it was a civil matter.
She said: "I found out Gadgetz And Gizmoz were dissolved last year. You couldn't make it up."
I got on to eBay and the good news is they are unlikely to pursue the debt. A spokesman said: "There will be no action taken against Ms Randal while our fraud team investigates."
So my dear readers do not fall in the trap of such companies.

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